mei 4, 2011

The Bridge

Door Giselle Vegter

On the search for the very known novel “Bridge over the Drina” of Ivo Andrić I find out it is not being printed in Dutch. It is not easy to find. In a travellers’ guide of Yugoslavia, given to me by a Bosnian man in the Netherlands” (“this was my country, this was me”) I find this passage:

“The bridge”, says the poet Andrić hesitantly, as if it was painful for him, the bridge, which he had shown and created out of himself again, “the bridge is in a poor condition”. He said it quiet, a little sad, though he spoke of a living being. “Although all indications are telling us they will be destroyed again we have to constantly build bridges. In these troubled times we can do nothing better”. He says it softly, as if it was meant only for himself. (Andrić in ‘Joegoslavië’ of Oto and Lise Bihalji- Merin, 1956).


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